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i went to ikea recently, didn't buy much, but my god, i love that place. who doesn't, really?
anyway, i bought a clock and flowers for my room.

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lol, ignore the breaking dawn sticker. its so pretty! and i love it even more because its a bit of a mutant; two flowers on one stem.
anyway, i was wondering what to call him? anything but alan - alan in reserved for my ipod :D

im painting my bedroom in the beginning of next week, which means i need to take all my posters down and wash the walls down.
ive been building then posters on for about 2 years (hence some of the posters representing things im not that into anymore), so i had to take pictures before i took them all down. i put more than posters on there; bus/train/plane/concert/cinema tickets, photo's, print-outs, stickers, tags, anything really.

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im painting my walls ivory & im getting white fitted wardrobes. then i'll try and brighten things up with my finishing touches ;)
i suppose these are the before pictures.
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07 December 2008 @ 06:55 pm

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